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Transient Analysis of Electric Power Circuits Handbook

ISBN 0387287973

Transient Analysis of Electric Power Circuits Handbook

Author Arieh L. Shenkman

Publisher Springer

Publication Date 2005-11-07

Number Of Pages 569

This transient analysis of electric circuits handbook is a unique , which covers most of the useful methods of transient analysis of electrical circuits. The book is written from a power engineering viewpoint as compared to the numerous s dedicated to electronic and communication engineering. One of the most important features of the book is that it covers the topic methodically from simple to complicated and therefore it will be helpful to all those specializing in electrical engineer

Ch. 1 Classical approach to transient analysis 1
Ch. 2 Transient response of basic circuits 49
Ch. 3 Transient analyses using the Laplace transform techniques 155
Ch. 4 Transient analysis using the Fourier transform 213
Ch. 5 Transient analysis using state variables 265
Ch. 6 Transients in three-phase systems 319
Ch. 7 Transient behavior of transmission lines 465
Ch. 8 Static and dynamic stability of power systems 517

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