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Power Transformers (Power Engineering)

ISBN: 0824707664

Title: Power Transformers (Power Engineering) - 1st edition (April 12, 2002)

Author: John Winders

Publisher: CRC

Publication Date: 2002-04-12

Number Of Pages: 296

Power Transformers features extensive coverage on zigzag, Scott, tee, wye, and delta connections ... tap changing under load and variable-phase shifting ... advantages and disadvantages in coil selection and construction ... symmetrical components ... transformer nameplate rating, thermal capability, and rate calculation of loss of life ... abnormal operating conditions such as overloads, short circuits, single phasing from primary fuse operations, ferroresonance, and voltage surges ... proper system design and selection to reduce faulty operation ... and preventive and predictive maintenance, good utility practices, factory and field testing, and failure rate analysis.

Booknews Annotation

Reviews the basic theory of electric power transformers, its application to various types of transformer designs, and their application in utility and industrial power systems. The book begins with the principles of the two-winding transformer and its connection to polyphase systems, the origins of transformer losses, autotransformers, and three-winding transformers. Different types of transformer coil and coil construction are compared. Later chapters describe the effects of short circuits on transformers, the design and maintenance of ancillary equipment, and both preventative and predictive maintenance practices for extending transformer life.

Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

Series Introduction 


1 Basic Transformer Theory 1

2 Two-Winding Transformer Connections 25

3 Transformer Impedance and Losses 69

4 Autotransformers and Three-Winding Transformers 117

5 Short Circuits, Inrush Currents, and Other Phenomena 147

6 Ancillary Equipment 189

7 Reading and Applying Nameplate Information 221

8 Maintenance, Testing, Troubleshooting, and Reliability 235

Index 277

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