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Electrical Measurement, Signal Processing, and Displays By John G. Webster

ISBN: 0849317339

Title: Electrical Measurement, Signal Processing, and Displays
Author: By John G. Webster
Publisher: CRC
Publication Date: 2003-07-15
Number Of Pages: 768

The CRC Principles and Applications in Engineering series is a library of convenient, economical references sharply focused on particular engineering topics and subspecialties. Each volume in the series comprises chapters carefully selected from CRC's bestselling handbooks, logically organized for optimum convenience, and thoughtfully priced to fit every budget.

Electrical Measurement, Signal Processing, and Displays describes the use of instruments and techniques for practical measurement of electromagnetic variables, signal processing equipment and parameters, and various types of displays, from cathode ray tubes to LED devices. For this volume, chapters relevant to these topics were culled from the bestselling Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook and revised by their original authors to bring them thoroughly up to date.

This is a concise, well-illustrated, and highly practical reference. It sets forth the principles, formulas, and equations engineers and scientists need for solving the instrumentation and measurement questions they encounter in practice, particularly when problems arise in areas outside their own specialties.

*Chapters logically organized by measurement problem and contributed by an international panel of experts

*Information presented on three levels: basic exposition for newcomers to the field; a detailed discussion and mathematical treatment; and advanced applications, evaluations, and directions for future study

*A full set of references in each chapter

1 Voltage Measurement                                
2 Current Measurement                                
3 Power Measurement                                 
4 Power Factor Measurement                     
5 Phase Measurement                              
6 Energy Measurement                            
7 Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity         
8 Charge Measurement                                 
9 Capacitance and Capacitance Measurements 
10 Permittivity Measurement                          
11 Electric Field Strength                               
12 Magnetic Field Measurement                     
13 Permeability and Hysteresis Measurement   
14 Inductance Measurement                           
15 Immittance Measurement                          
16 Q Factor Measurement                               
17 Distortion Measurement                             
18 Noise Measurement                                   
19 Microwave Measurement                            
20 Amplifiers and Signal Conditioners              
21 Modulation                                                
22 Filters                                                       
23 Spectrum Analysis and Correlation             
24 Applied Intelligence Processing                    
25 Analog-to-Digital Converters                      
26 Computers                                                
27 Telemetry                                                  
28 Sensor Networks and Communication          
29 Electromagnetic Compatibility                    
30 Human Factors in Displays                           
31 Cathode Ray Tube Displays                         
32 Liquid Crystal Displays                                 
33 Plasma-Driven Flat Panel Displays                
34 Electroluminescent Displays                          
35 Light-Emitting Diode Displays                        
36 Reading/Recording Devices       

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