Electric Power Substations Engineering

Title: Electric Power Substations Engineering
ISBN: 0849317037
Author: McDonald, John D. (John David)
Publisher: CRC
Publication Date: 2003-06-27
Number Of Pages: 304

Editorial Description
This book covers all aspects of substations, from the initial concept to design, automation, operation, and physical and cyber security. Written by members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Power Engineering Society (PES) Substations Committee, each section provides a tutorial and includes references for further reading and study. The authors use photographs and graphics to help the reader understand the material. Exploring the most recent technological developments

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Chapter 01
How a Substation Happens
Chapter 02
Gas-Insulated Substations
Chapter 03
Air-Insulated Substations - Bus/Switching Configurations
Chapter 04
High-Voltage Switching Equipment
Chapter 05
High-Voltage Power Electronic Substations
Chapter 06
The Interface between Automation and the Substation
Chapter 07
Substation Integration and Automation
Chapter 08
Oil Containment
Chapter 09
Community Considerations
Chapter 10
Animal Deterrents/Security
Chapter 11
Substation Grounding
Chapter 12
Grounding and Lightning
Chapter 13
Seismic Considerations
Chapter 14
Substation Fire Protection
Chapter 15
Substation Communications
Chapter 16
Physical Security
Chapter 17
Cyber Security of Substation Control and Diagnostic Systems
Chapter 18
Gas-Insulated Transmission Line (GIL)

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