Handbook of Transformer Design and Applications


ISBN: 0070212910

Title: Handbook of Transformer Design and Applications

Author: William M. Flanagan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

Publication Date: 1993-01-01

Number Of Pages: 496

This second edition updates what has become a standard reference on the subject, and now includes a selection of highly useful computer solutions to many transformer circuit problems. Every chapter reflects the latest technology advances--and the section on inverter transformers is expanded to better address the increasingly important subject of power supplies

Preface to Second Edition 

Ch. 1 Magnetic and Electric Fundamentals 1.1

Ch. 2 Circuit Analysis 2.1

Ch. 3 Circuit Performance of Power Transformers 3.1

Ch. 4 Circuit Performance of Audio and Wideband Transformers 4.1

Ch. 5 Circuit Performance of Pulse Transformers 5.1

Ch. 6 The Use of Ferromagnetic Materials in Transformers and Inductors 6.1

Ch. 7 Mechanical Considerations 7.1

Ch. 8 Insulation Systems 8.1

Ch. 9 Thermal Considerations 9.1

Ch. 10 Design Procedures 10.1

Ch. 11 Multiple-Phase Transformers 11.1

Ch. 12 Rectifier Transformers 12.1

Ch. 13 Inverter Transformers 13.1

Ch. 14 Static Magnetic Devices Other Than Transformers 14.1

Ch. 15 Magnetic Device Economics 15.1

Ch. 16 Procurement Practice 16.1

Ch. 17 Magnetic Device Specifications and Quality Assurance 17.1

Ch. 18 Computer Applications 18.1

Bibliography B.1

Index I.1


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