Electrical Safety Handbook, 3rd Edition

Electrical Safety Handbook, 3rd Edition , this is useful and friendly handbook, covering all electrical standard such NEC, NESC, NFPA, 70E, IEEE 1584, and OSHA. This book needs to be a practical guide and a handle for use in commercial, home, or industrial. Written by expert in electrical operational, maintenance, engineering and safety.

This handbook complete details on:

  • Hazards of electricity
  • Basic physics of electrical hazards
  • Electrical safety equipment
  • Safety procedures and methods
  • Grounding and bonding of electrical systems and equipment
  • Electrical maintenance and its relationship to safety
  • Regulatory and legal safety requirements and standards
  • Accident prevention, accident investigation, rescue, and first aid
  • Low-voltage safety
  • Medium- and high-voltage safety
  • Human factors in electrical safety
  • Safety management and organizational structure
  • Safety training methods and systems
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